Coco (skyealways) wrote in tvd_exchange,

!Members only

This community is members only, join to see the entries.

PS: I am searching for mods, so if you want to help, leave a comment here.

*comments are screened*

Tags: !members only, !mod post
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Hey ! I saw that you search somebody for you helped.
I can help if you still want help. I have some pictures HQ and untagged !
Yeah sure! I'll be glad to have your help!
Great! How can I sent you the pictures?
you can post them if you want, I added you as a mod :)
Ok thanks :)

Just one question ! When I make the new post !! How can I make this ?? On the main page (one picture and +0..) and inside the post all of photos ?? Sorry it's the first time I use livejournal and I don't know all it secrets xD
look here:
you should test it on your journal before :)